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    Our Hybrid Robo Advisor

    Our digital advice platform, Gsphere, blends the strategies of man with the consistent approach of a machine. This is a true melding of man and machine working as one and we call it a hybrid robo advisor.

    By design, a robo advisor platform uses a repeatable, systematic approach to portfolio construction as well as management. At Gravity, we took this a step further and built the first institutional level robo advisor. The sophisticated tools integrated with our platform help institutions and money managers automate, re-balance, and react to market changes as they occur.

    World Class Portfolio Optimization

    Our digital advice platform, Gsphere, was developed around the science of asset allocation. We have incorporated our patented methodology, Diversification Optimization™, which produces a Diversification Weighted® portfolio. It’s flexible enough to work with any asset type, regardless of class. Gsphere reduces portfolio volatility and market risk, potentially leading to better returns.


    Harness Artificial Intelligence

    Gravity believes that the ability to perform is directly tied to the advisor and their well-planned investment strategies. When an advisor makes the wise choice to utilize our digital advice technology, we invite them to utilize their own investment strategies in conjunction. Gravity built the platform specifically for machines to enhance human performance, not replace them.

    Human controlled investment policy trees set the rules through our platform, protecting your client’s investment goals. We combine the advisor’s strategies and methodologies for portfolio construction with sophisticated algorithms and embedded machine learning. This achieves the right balance, creating a properly allocated and optimized portfolio. These are just a few of the complementary technologies behind Gsphere.

    Advisors, working in tandem with machines, enable investors to consistently achieve top performance. The data generated from these results enables Gravity to turn reference points into intelligent new designs. Our team has spent years perfecting our white label robo platform. We invite you to take a better look with one of our sales consultants.

    Solves “Modern Portfolio Theory” Inefficiencies

    Leonardo DaVinci “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

    Our digital advice platform has taken the best parts of Modern Portfolio Theory and removed the excess baggage. By simplifying the approach, we have isolated diversification from variance minimization. In return, this makes the diversification aspect of portfolios both measurable and manageable.

    Additionally, our Gsphere technology has added a 3rd dimension for portfolio construction and monitoring. MPT was a great tool for portfolio design 20 years ago. Today, the ante is upped and optimizing properly weighted, accurately diversified, portfolios is the next step. By eliminating spurious data and simplifying the way you measure portfolio success, we eliminate dilutive assumptions.

    Portfolio Efficiency

    This is truly a case of, “less equals more.” Our digital advice platform works with you to remove inefficient assets from a portfolio. When this is accomplished, you are left with fewer non-performing assets. Logically, this reduces redundancy and inefficiency. Diversification, combined with any metric or performance function, allows you to create the best diversified subset of a buylist. This is not a knock on any type of asset; this is simply using the process of elimination based on time constraints, objective data, and asset correlation.


    Systematic Risk Measurement

    As the paradigm has shifted, so should your focus on how risk is measured. Our patents, for the science of systematic risk measurement, provide metrics that work within the constraints of today’s market. They are fast becoming the preferred metric for risk management, and the first portfolio metrics you should use. Our platform’s charts and values structure help interpret a portfolio’s performance and will allow you to improve its systematic risk.



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