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    Residents and visitors to the Irvine area of Southern California live extremely busy lives. Whether you work in the tech sector, medical field, or another industry, the work is generally fast paced in SoCal. Before you know it, time will start to slip by, and a key to living a happy and comfortable life as you move towards retirement is to seek out the counsel of a quality financial advisor Irvine early in your career if at all possible. Not only will a financial consultant help you set up a plan for success for your older years, but a quality service provider like OC Asset Management will help you develop and pursue both your mid-term and long-term financial goals for success. Our company has been helping our clients from all financial walks of life enjoy individual and business success for a long time now. Whether you need the best personal financial advisor or education on the wide range of financial products available today, our team will be able to help you.

    Our company is a full-service financial firm that is dedicated to helping our customers realize their financial goals. We offer a no-pressure, free consultation to all of our new and existing clients that helps people realize what their goals should be, and are tailored to the individual. During our time in business, we have found that no two clients’ needs are 100% the same, and we do not believe in ‘cookie cutter’ solutions. Once you sit down with our highly knowledgeable and certified financial experts, you will be better equipped to make the smartest decision possible with your hard-earned money. Our team is also trained to understand the unique needs that many of our customers have, and you never have to tell us more than once that you simply do not want to consider a given course of action. Our ability to listen, respond to, and take action on the most appropriate courses of action for our customers is what sets our team apart from the rest.

    Whether you simply don’t know where to get started on the next steps in your personal financial journey, or you have specific goals in mind, it will be well worth your time to give our expert team a call today. During our company’s time of being in business serving our customers, we have continued to impress our clients with our sound financial advice. No matter what your needs may be, our team will be able to help you navigate the current financial investment landscape in both bear and bull market conditions.

    Stock Broker

    Even though it seems like there are more online stock broker services that one can count today, there remain a number of advantages of working with a broker face-to-face. If you find yourself in need of finding one of the best, and most affordable, brokers in the Irvine area of Southern California, then you should definitely put calling OC Asset Management at the top of your “to do” list. Every one of the individuals we employ to be your financial planner is licensed and certified to both provide financial advice and make authorized trades on your behalf in all of the major stock market exchanges. We are one of the easiest to work with financial service providers that you will find in the local area, and you will not be disappointed in the attention to detail and quality of service that our team of experts deliver on a consistent basis. Our customers love our straightforward and objective recommendations when it comes to managing your current and proposed investment strategies.

    When you make the informed decision to give the team at OC Asset Management a call, you will be thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail that our financial experts will pay when it comes to maximizing your current investments and taking advantage of our recommendations for how to grow your financial portfolio. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not believe in recommending that clients liquidate current investments in order to maximize our personal profits for new acquisitions. We like to make our clients’ investments into the stock market as straight forward as possible. Whether you need help with your overall wealth management plan of attack, investing for college for your kids, or something else, we know how to do it all. We are also very flexible in the hours our experts are available to meet with you to best fit in with your busy, daily schedule. We are always objective in every single recommendation that our experts will provide to you, and you will not be disappointed. Our primary goal for each and every client is to maximize your overall profit to help you on your way to financial freedom and flexibility.

    We will always offer a free, initial meeting after you make contact with our firm. This serves as a great time for you to get a good feel for what our team can do for you, and if you want to take advantage of our firm to serve as your primary financial advisor . We will always give you an estimate on how much our services will cost you, and we encourage our prospective clients to shop around. You will be hard-pressed to find a company who has our flexibility that will go out of their way to work for you.

    Financial Planner

    When you take a look around the Irvine area of Southern California for a financial planner , the task can seem daunting at first. On any given day, there are literally hundreds of service providers that show up in the search engine results in the local area. If you find yourself in this position, and you are looking for one of the top-ranked companies in Irvine, then you should definitely consider giving the team at OC Asset Management a call today. Our company has a lot of experience helping clients from the middle class through the upper class maximize their financial goals. Our certified and licensed planners are some of the most knowledgeable in the business, and we will not disappoint you with the quality of our services. We offer the full range of financial products, and our firm has built some deep relationships with the full range of financial service companies in the market, so we can be flexible to meet our customer’s demands for the least cost possible.

    One of the most common life events that our team helps clients plan for in retirement are expected health costs. No matter how good or bad Medicare will be by the time you retire, we have found that our customers can expect to spend upwards of $500 or more a month on medical expenses once they reach their elderly years. Once you are living on a fixed income, many people simply cannot afford to pay these costs and maintain the quality of life they desire in retirement. When you add in the fact that the most recent surveys taken with working Americans indicate that more than 40% of the workforce believes that they will not have sufficient money to take care of medical expenses in retirement, and you quickly see that you need to take this important factor into account for your retirement planning. The last thing that any of us want to do is rely on our children for financial support in your elderly years, so you will quickly see the importance of planning for tomorrow today.

    In retirement, there are several factors that one should take a hard look at when developing your long range investment plan. Many of our customers do not realize that they will have the expenses of Medicare Part B (physician and outpatient service costs) and Part D (drug related expenses) deducted from their Social Security check prior to it being mailed or deposited into your account. You will also need to expect to be able to pay co-payments related to Medicare-covered services that are not covered in addition to dental, hearing aids, and eye glasses. In addition to these costs, once you start looking at the point in life where you and/or your loved one will need to transition to an assisted living facility, and you will quickly see that the need to start planning is today.

    Fee Only Financial Planner…

    At OC Asset Management, we still find that consumers can get confused at times on what the difference in a fee only financial planner and a fee-based one are to include all of the pros and cons. Many investment companies rely on investors not fully understanding these differences in order to maximize their profits. At our company, you will not run into this issue. When you use our highly-rated fee only services, our advisors receive compensation only for the services that they provide you without any commissions or kick-backs from the investment vehicles that we agree upon for you to invest your hard-earned money. When a firm sells you fee-only services, we have found that this clearly avoids a potential conflict of interest of the agent seeing additional monies in the form of a commission by selling you targeted products. We just feel like this practice undeniably gives you a fair shake, and our past customers will tell you, that is why we are their number one choice for financial advisor Irvine

    Our company loves to make our primary emphasis be on our clients making money. This is a common thread that you will find across the other firms who offer fee only planning services for your personal or business investments. We believe that this model helps encourage and open, honest, and collaborative relationship with our customers that we want to last for a lifetime. Whether you are trying to figure out how to pay for all of your kids to go to Stanford, or simply don’t want to be a burden on anyone in your retired years, our expert financial planners are here for you. Our reputation for seeking out the best deals possible with the right investment strategy is what has set our company apart during our time in business in the Irvine area, and you will be pleasantly surprised with your experiences with our company. If you are not sure what exactly you want, that is OK. Just give our staff a call today, and we will be more than happy to setup a no-pressure sit down to see how we can help you develop and work towards your long-term investment goals.

    Financial Consultant

    Many times, people in today’s workforce think they can get by without taking advantage of the knowledge, experience, and overall expertise that a financial consultant provides on a consistent basis. While the accessibility of investment opportunities has only grown over the past decade for investors, this has not resulted in an overall decrease in the advantages that hiring a consultant to help manage your money on your journey to obtaining financial independence provides. If you live in or around the Irvine area of Southern California, then you should definitely consider giving us a call at OC Asset Management today to see what our team of certified and licensed financial advisors can do for you today. Our firm has been open for business for a while now, and you will be thoroughly impressed with the keen attention to detail and personal touch that our advisors will spend on your financial plan.

    Unlike some of our competitors, our firm believes in maximizing the potential of our client’s existing portfolios. You will find that many investment companies will try to convince you that the best approach is to liquidate all of your holdings to invest in their preferred products. Unfortunately, we find that using cookie cutter approach is easier and less time-intensive for the company that you have trusted to take care of your medium to long-term financial needs but may overlook some of the finer aspects of a client’s financial situation. You will never encounter any pressure from our highly trained representatives when you sit down with our team to review your financial health and to develop your overall game plan for success. We have helped our clients through both the good times and the bad, and we know how to help you leverage your monetary investments to maximize their potential while mitigating your overall risk. You will not be disappointed in the overall quality of service that our company delivers, and we are dedicated to one simple goal- helping you maximize your profits on your investments to meet or exceed your financial goals. Whether you want to focus on the college tuition payments for your children, or plan to live a comfortable life in retirement, we are here for you.

    If you find that you simply do not know what type of financial service you require, that is OK. Our team of expert financial planners are trained to work with you to develop a comprehensive financial plan that is tailored to your current income, and future life goals. There are few problems that our savvy investment team has encountered that we cannot help you overcome. Take advantage of our free consultation today, and we look forward to serving you today.

    OC Asset Management is a financial advisor that serves clients all over Orange County and Southern California. We are your premier Financial Advisor,  Irvine – Stock Broker – Financial Planner Irvine – Financial Consultant Irvine. We are known as your premier Personal Financial Advisor – CFP – Retirement Planning – Financial Planners – and much more. Call us today for a consultation on all of your financial needs.

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